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We received this in our email yesterday from a wonderful client:

“Our experience with CSW Electric & HVAC: Debbie and Steve Page and Bronson:

The firm was responsive from the first phone call all the way through the project. They arrived when they said they would, the work was done steadily and smoothly, and they obviously knew what they were doing. Steve and Bronson would take the time to explain what was being done, and, at times, Debbie would call with an explanation of what would be taking place. The work site was cleaned up after each day, and at the end of the job.

We are very pleased with the work, and with the manner in which it was accomplished.

joanna and collyer”


We installed a 16 seer Amana ASZC160361A with a MBVC1600 air handler and coil.  We also extended some of her duct work into an addition.  The job started as a service call because the blower motor had seized.   Her unit was over 20 years old and was in need of servicing.  But she wanted a heat pump so she could have air conditioning.  We did our research and found that fixing her old unit and adapting it with a new coil and heat pump would cost her more than just replacing it.  And she was eligible for a PSE Rebate!  We love helping our customers.

It’s Time For A Spring Cleaning, for your furnace

We are coming up on Spring and the weather is warm so you are not even thinking about your heating.  Now is the best time to schedule a service call.  Time get change the filters and clean duct from the components.  It has been working hard all winter for you, call us today at 360-697-2493.  We can usually see you the same day!  It doesn’t matter if it is gas, oil or electric, we service them all!

How’s Your Furnace Doing?

Did it seem like your furnace or air handler ran all the time during this last cold snap?  Did it take a long time to heat up the room?  We will happily come to your home, at your convince and clean and service you furnace, air handler and/or heat pump.  It doesn’t matter if you have an electric, gas or oil unit, we handle them all.

To Packwood We Will Go………

There are those who say the travel to preform a job and then there are those who do.  We just went to Packwood and installed a new 80% Goodman gas furnace, coil and heat in a vacation home.  The perk, beautiful scenery and an offer to come and stay a weekend or two.  Very nice.